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What will you find in your Numerological Chart?

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The Numerology Chart

When studying numerology, one learns about the core vibrational energy linked to each single-digit number. These are based on historical practices and studies, as discussed above. Each number carries a meaning that is associated with its vibrational energy.

When interpreting readings for individuals, a numerologist draws up a numerology chart for that person. Each section of the chart relates to a different aspect of that person’s life or character.

Although multiple values make up a numerology chart, the 5 core numbers in a person’s chart are as follows:

  1. Life Path Number: It relates to the path you are meant to choose in life and is calculated using your birth date.
  2. Birthday Number: This is your actual birth date, and it represents your natural abilities.
  3. Expression Number (or Destiny Number): It tells you about your strengths and weaknesses in life and is calculated using your birth name.
  4. Personality Number: This number indicates how you present yourself to the world and is calculated using only the consonants in your birth name.
  5. Soul Urge Number (or Heart’s Desire Number): This reveals your deepest desire and ultimate fulfillment in life. It’s calculated using only the vowels in your birth name.

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